30 Best Toddler Activities and Games at Home

Here is the Top 30 Toddler Activities and Games at Home Which Develops your toddler needs to improve during this important stage in growth.

toddler's activities list

30 Best Toddler Activities and Games at Home List

Paper bag puppet

There’s plenty of fun to be had turning a simple paper bag into a simple puppet that toddlers can get creative with and decorate.

Indoor basketball

This is a fun game for toddlers and boosts their eye/hand coordination. All you have to do is get a bin or bucket and some rolled up balls of newspaper and try and get the ‘balls’ in the bin.

Leaping lily pads
This easy activity turns your lounge room into a fun frog pond. Place cushions around the room and get your toddler to leap like a frog from one to the other.

Make a foil crown:
Let you toddler become a little prince or princess they are with some everyday items. Take some cardboard and tin foil and whatever else you can find to bejewel your creation. Fun to make and then fun to play with.

Cardboard box car
A small cardboard box is all you need to make a fabulous car for a favourite bear or doll. Take a bigger cardboard box and turn it into a car for your toddler!

Balloon bop
All you need is a couple of balloons, then get your toddler to bounce, throw, hit the balloon across the room without it hitting the ground. Fun and great for hand/eye coordination.

Pillow jump
Toddlers love nothing more than jumping on pillows – so why not create a playground full of them?

Treasure hunt
Distract your child while you hide some ‘treasure’ around the room for your child to find. Your toddler will love the game of finding it!

Table tent
A simple table tent will have kids occupied for ages. Create your own campsite indoors and you can pretend to sleep under the stars, sing around a camp fire or just hide out in the ‘tent’.

Musical jars
Spark the inner musician in your toddler with by making these easy musical jars.

Cotton tip painting
Pour out some paints and forget about the brushes, instead use cotton tips to create a different type of artwork. Your toddler will have great fun experimenting with art.

Ringing phone
Toddlers love ‘talking’ on the phone, so with a few ordinary household items make one for your child.

Trail’s end
Take a roll of toilet paper and create a trail for your child to follow. Tie a little surprise at the end for your toddler to find.

Go on safari in your lounge room and create a pair of binoculars for your child. They’re fun to make and then your toddler can create a whole imaginary world to use them in.

Colour collage
Watch your child paste and create his own masterpiece with this fun activity. Great to boost imagination.

Indoor cubby house
A few cushions and a sheet will make the perfect cubby house. A fun place to hide out in and then it can be a base for countless roleplay games, from a hospital to a school.

Pretend cooking :
All you need are a few bowls, wooden spoons and saucepans and get pretend cooking. Whip up a feast to whet your toddler’s imaginary appetite. Try it here.

Rainy day box
A fresh and fun rainy activity for your toddler is to create a rainy day activity box. Try it here.

Butterfly paintings
Amaze your child by teaching them to make their own beautiful butterfly! All you need is a few bits and pieces to get painting. Try it here.

Egg carton treasure box
This egg carton treasure box makes the hidey-hole for your toddler to store all those little treasures he loves.

Nature Walks – Take your baby out in their pram or in baby carrier each day. Talk to them about what you see.

Chatting – As you peel potatoes, as you do your housework or go about your day, chat to your little one all the time. A mom’s voice is soothing and all the time you are chatting you are developing neural pathways in your baby’s brain.

Balls – Once your baby is sitting you can buy a variety of different sized balls (none small enough to fit into their mouth!) and roll balls back and forth to one another.

Board books – Board books are fantastic as they do not tear and can stand a fair amount of “mouthing” by babies. Choose ones with clear open pictures.

Peek-a-boo games – Using hands, a handkerchief or a blanket, play peek-a-boo with your baby.

Turning lights on and off – This activity, which may seem very simple, was of great fascination to all my babies and was a lifesaver when I needed to distract a tired or hungry baby for a few minutes. The sentences: “Light on” and “light off” also became one of our babies first ones.

Mirror games – Safety mirrors are wonderful to have in your baby’s toy box but you can also use proper mirrors when you are able to supervise the play. Go through your baby’s facial features with them while you hold a mirror for them to look into.

Hiding toys – Babies love to get little surprises. Take their favourite toy and hide it under a handkerchief. Ask them the question: “Where is [Pooh Bear]?” And then uncover the toy with a flourish. Repeat often and soon they will be copying you!

Peep tube – Use and old Pringles chip or similar container and peep through the tube at your baby. You can ask them the question: “Where is [Sarah]?” a few times over until you make eye contact.

Round and round the garden like a teddy bear – Action songs and rhymes are great fun. This is one of our favourites. After doing this a few times over your baby should ask you for it with their index finger on their own hand.

Cycling legs – When changing your baby’s nappy or any other time you have a moment when they are lying on their backs, gently take their feet and make cycling motions with their legs. Do not force them if they resist.

Bouncing ball – We had a large physio ball (some use them for Pilates) that we used to roll and bounce our babies on. For rolling place them tummy down and hold their feet firmly. Roll them forward making sure their arms are extended in front of them. This develops their parachute reflex which they will need when they begin to walk.

Crawling obstacle course – stack up piles of pillows or make a box tunnel for them to crawl through and over.

Row row row your boat – with your sitting babe place them directly in front of you. Hold their hands and gently ease them forward and back singing this favourite childhood song.

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